Chicago-Area Jesuit Priests Named in Sexual Abuse Allegations

December 18, 2018
Chicago-Area Jesuit Priests Named in Sexual Abuse Allegations

Eighteen Jesuit priests linked to institutions in the Chicago area have been named in a list detailing sexual abuse allegations that span six decades.

The list, released this week by the Midwest Province Jesuits, contains the names of dozens of Jesuit priests who have had credible sex abuse allegations made against them since 1955. More than fifty of those named were accused with “reasonable certainty” of sexually abusing a minor.

Response to Past Sex Abuse Scandals

The release of this list is part of a response to previous sex abuse cases that have occurred within the Catholic Church, Midwest Province Jesuit officials said. Attempting to conceal sexual abuse allegations is a scandal in and of itself.

Midwest Province officials said a priest’s inclusion on the list did not prove guilt, but they encouraged anyone who has been abused by a Jesuit priest to come forward and contact the appropriate authorities.

A letter accompanying the list apologized to victims of abuse.

“We recognize that our feelings on this day are nothing compared to the depth of suffering endured by those who have been abused, especially by one as trusted as a priest or vowed religious,” wrote the Rev. Brian G. Paulson, provincial of the Midwest Province Jesuits.

Jesuit Sex Abuse in Chicago

The list included Jesuit priests with ties to various parts of the Midwest, but at least eighteen of the priests had ties to the Chicago area. Several worked at area institutions, including Loyola Academy, St. Ignatius College Prep, Holy Family Parish, and Loyola University Chicago.

Chicago-area priests named on the list included the following:

  • Donald McGuire
  • M. Lawrence Reuter
  • Ignatius Burrill
  • Donald O’Shaughnessy
  • Wilton Skiffington
  • Gerald Streeter
  • Mark Finan
  • J. Robert Koch
  • Stanley Wisniewski
  • Harry Barton
  • Allan Kirk
  • Donald Butler
  • Maurice Meyers
  • John Lane
  • David McCarthy
  • Thomas Gannon
  • Philip Mooney
  • John Powell

Many of the priests with ties to Chicago have died. All were dismissed or removed from public ministry.

Media reports noted that it was unclear how many of the allegations were reported to law enforcement officials or civil authorities.

Help for Sex Abuse Victims in Chicago

Our thoughts are with the victims of church sexual abuse in Chicago and all over the world. We hope that steps like the release of this list encourage victims to come forward and hold their abusers—and those who allowed the abuse to happen—accountable.

If you or someone close to you has been abused by a member of the church or anyone else, the abuser can be held accountable in civil court. The Chicago sexual abuse lawyers at Lane Brown, LLC can help you build your case and recover the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through.

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