Win for Child With Brain Damage Due to Paramedic Negligence

A Cook County court approved a $3.3 million settlement on behalf of our client, a 6-year-old girl who suffered severe and irreversible brain damage.

The child was attending a day camp, which was run by her village at a public park. While at camp one hot and humid day, she had a seizure. The village’s fire department responded to the 911 emergency call by dispatching paramedics and emergency medical technicians to the scene.

Body Temperature Was Significantly Elevated

At the scene and while en route to the hospital, emergency responders failed to manage the girl’s body temperature. When she arrived at the hospital, her temperature measured 106.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Several hours after her admission to the hospital, she was transported to another medical facility, where she remained for several weeks.

In the course of her hospitalizations, it became evident that she had suffered severe and irreversible brain damage.

This was a heartbreaking case of medical negligence—permanently changing the lives of the little girl and her family. And while the large settlement does not change the damage done to this child, it will allow her family to obtain the care she needs. Have you suffered an injury at the hands of a medical provider? Contact our office using our online contact form. We will get back to you quickly to discuss your situation during a complimentary, no-obligation case consultation.

Awarded: $3,300,000

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