Settlement for Young Girl Attacked by a Firehouse Dog

The legal team at Lane Brown, LLC obtained an $86,000 settlement on behalf of a child who was injured by a search and rescue dog at a local fire station.

Children Were Encouraged to Pet the Dogs

The accident occurred on September 25, 2011, when a 3-year-old girl and her mother attended a community open house hosted by the Mundelein Fire Department. One of the activities provided by the fire department was a display of search and rescue dogs, which children were encouraged to pet.  While the young girl was gently petting a Doberman Pinscher named “Trax,” the dog suddenly and without provocation attacked the girl’s face, causing lacerations and bite marks. These injuries required stitches and caused minor scarring.

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs do not cause injuries to others. Have you been hurt by a dog or other animal? Contact our office today using our live chat to find out how we can help you to hold the owner responsible for your injuries.

Awarded: $86,000

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