Large Award for Family of Woman Who Died During a C-Section

Managing Partner Stephen I. Lane was able to successfully resolve a Wrongful Death case for $1.9 million on behalf of the estate of an 18-year-old woman who died as a result of the mismanagement of anesthesia during the cesarean delivery of her child.

Defense Claimed Anesthesia Was Not the Cause of Death

It happened when the anesthesiologist elected to convert the patient from an epidural to spinal anesthesia after he determined that the epidural was not functioning properly.  Shortly after her healthy baby was delivered, the patient suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.

The defense, supported by the testimony of the Cook County Medical Examiner who performed an autopsy on our client, contended that the patient had suffered a cardiac arrest that was unrelated to the anesthesia management. The medical examiner cited chorioamnionitis, a bacterial infection in the amniotic fluid and membranes that surround the fetus, evidence of chronic and longstanding hypertension (high blood pressure), and the patient’s obesity as contributing factors.

Attorney Stephen Lane Proved Them Wrong

In spite of the testimony presented by the Cook County Medical Examiner, Stephen Lane was able to demonstrate that the pathology findings were:

  • Not the result of high blood pressure
  • Consistent with the fact that the young woman had been on a ventilator for several days before she died
  • Consistent with the large amount of anesthesia which resulted from the combined epidural and spinal anesthesia


And although there was no evidence of independent negligence on the part of the defendant hospital or its staff, and the defendant anesthesiologist was an independent contractor, Attorney Lane was able to obtain a recovery for the family of $900,000 above the anesthesiologist’s insurance coverage limits.

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Awarded: $1,900,000

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