Large Award for Botched Anesthesia After Knee Surgery

Attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC negotiated a $5 million mediated settlement on behalf of a woman who suffered a severe spinal cord injury due to botched anesthesia.

Our client had undergone an elective knee surgery. During and after the surgery, pain was supposed to be controlled by an epidural infusion of anesthetic agents. However, an excessive amount of anesthesia was used over a prolonged period, resulting in a toxic reaction and severe damage to the cauda equina, the lower portion of our client’s spinal cord. This resulted in paralysis and significant pain.

Medical Negligence Can Have Disastrous Consequences

This case is a tragic example of what can go wrong when medical personnel are negligent. Have you been hurt by a doctor or hospital? Contact our office today using our online contact form. We will review your case and help you to understand your legal options—all during a complimentary case evaluation with a member of our compassionate and experienced legal team.

Awarded: $5,000,000

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