Jury Finds in Favor of Woman Hurt in Pedestrian Accident

A Cook County jury recently awarded a female pedestrian who was hit by car in Evanston, Illinois, a confidential settlement. She was well represented by attorneys Mark A. Brown and Raymond C. Steadmon.

Pedestrian Accident Resulted in a Brain Injury

The pedestrian accident happened one day when the young victim, a student at Northwestern University, was struck by a car as she attempted to cross the street in the crosswalk at the intersection of Sherman Avenue and Colfax Street in Evanston. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, which caused amnesia regarding the facts of the crash and bleeding in multiple areas of her brain. She was hospitalized at Evanston Hospital, but thankfully did not require surgery. She recovered in the several months following her injury.

The defendant in the case claimed that the young woman did not cross in the crosswalk, but instead crossed mid-block, stepping out into the street between two parked cars.

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Awarded: Confidential

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