Record Settlement for Man Who Broke His Leg in a Parking Lot

Scott D. Lane and Raymond C. Steadmon recently settled a slip-and-fall case for $525,000 on behalf of a 41-year-old man who fell and fractured his femur in a shopping mall parking lot in Winnebago County.

Plaza Owner Failed to Ensure Patron Safety

The parking lot where the accident occurred was dilapidated, and the poorly maintained surface allowed pools of water to accumulate and then freeze. This record settlement of $525,000 was awarded after our attorneys proved that our client had fallen on an “unnatural accumulation of ice” that had formed.

Unlike many slip-and-fall accidents in Illinois where injured victims are held responsible for their own personal safety, this particular case is significant because we were able to prove that the plaza owner failed to take the necessary efforts to ensure patron safety around shallow depressions filled with ice.

Because of his fall, our client required surgery—including the installation of a metal rod, plates, and screws—to repair his broken femur. He was forced to miss work for more than four months due to his surgery and subsequent recovery, and he is now considered permanently handicapped. Although he is able to continue working at his job, he must do so while experiencing persistent daily pain.

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Awarded: $525,000

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