Family Seeks Help After Death From Undetected Aortic Dissection

A 51-year-old engineer was taken to a Northwest Illinois hospital with abdominal pain, which eventually developed into chest pain and throat tightness. The emergency room doctor performed some testing and ruled out an acute heart attack, and the patient was admitted. Eight hours later, while still waiting to see a cardiologist, the patient died from an undetected aortic dissection. It was a tragic death that should not have happened. If the emergency room doctor had ordered a computerized tomography (CT) scan, the condition may have been detected in time. Instead, a family was left reeling with the fact that their husband and father was gone forever.

A Grieving Family Left With Unanswered Questions

The man was survived by his wife and their three teenage children. His wife was left alone to raise the kids while struggling with her own health issues, grief, and an inability to work. Their entire close-knit family suffered from the tragic and sudden death of a wonderful husband and father, and they felt the loss of his support in every part of their daily lives—physically, emotionally, and financially. While they suspected that something had gone wrong at the hospital on the day he died, they were having trouble getting the answers they needed to both make sense of what happened and take a stand. The man’s wife made the choice to seek legal help, and she turned to Partner Mark Brown with Lane Brown, LLC.

Recovering Financially and Seeking Justice for the Death of a Husband and Father

Through a difficult legal process, the client and Partner Mark Brown fought for the family’s rights to compensation against a negligent doctor and hospital. The family was seeking vindication for a wrongful death, and Mark focused on making sure they were successful. The medical malpractice case settled just two months before the trial was scheduled to begin, awarding the surviving family members $1.1 million in damages. The judge in the case said that the award was more than double the highest verdict in any personal injury or wrongful death case in the county.

Although no amount of money can ever replace the love and support of the man who died, his family has now been given a chance to recover more fully from this preventable tragedy. His surviving wife and three children will now better be able to cope with the loss of his emotional and financial support. His wife can rest easier knowing she will be taken care of and won’t have to worry about the future while she is unable to work. Because of the settlement, his children will also have the chance to finish their schooling, begin their lives, and start their own families. See what the client has to say about Partner Mark Brown and his work with her family on this case.

It’s hard to make sense of medical malpractice, and it’s even harder to move forward with your suspicions without experienced legal help. If you have suffered a similar loss at the hands of a negligent doctor, don’t hesitate to call our legal team with your questions at 312-332-1400 or toll-free at 312-332-1400.

Awarded: $1,100,000.00

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