Can the Chicago DOT Make Our Streets Safer?

April 23, 2014

There are many potential ways to prevent a car accident, pedestrian crash, or bike wreck. One way is to prevent driver negligence. Another way is to improve our roads and infrastructure to prevent confusion and encourage safety. While we typically focus on driver behavior, today we are going to think about what can be done by the Chicago Department of Transportation, or other government agencies, to prevent serious accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Active Transportation Alliance Identifies Safety Priorities

Earlier this year, the Active Transportation Alliance released its 2014 priority list for the Chicago Department of Transportation. More specifically, the organization shared its top 10 priorities to improve safety for bikers, walkers, and mass-transit users in our city.

The organization’s list included:

  • Expanding the Divvy bike-sharing program
  • Connecting gaps existing between bike lanes
  • Building protected bike lanes with concrete curbs and building more Neighborhood Greenways
  • Maintaining bike lanes and unmarked bike routes to fix faded paint lines, potholes, and rough spots
  • Securing dedicated funds for pedestrian infrastructure and safety
  • Completing final designs for the Ashland rapid transit line
  • Developing an online crash database
  • Championing policy changes to increase secure bike parking in high-occupancy buildings
  • Retrofitting the most dangerous intersections and street crossings
  • Launching the Central Loop Bus Rapid Transit service

What Would You Add?

Are you concerned about the safety of Chicago’s roads for bikers, walkers, mass transit users and motorists? What advice would you give the Chicago Department of Transportation? Please leave a comment in the space below and tell us what you think.



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