Illinois Taxi Accidents That Caused Injuries in 2013

An Annual Look at the Kinds of Taxi Wrecks That Caused Injuries in Illinois in 2013

Taxis are one of the most popular ways to get around in Chicago and other urban areas in Illinois, and the companies that provide these services are held to strict standards for safety. However, despite efforts to make taking a cab a safe choice for passengers, many people are still hurt or killed each year in accidents involving these vehicles. Here’s a breakdown of the most recent official statistics in Illinois, as well as some information about how you can get help if you or a family member has questions about an accident that has already happened.

The Statistics on Illinois Taxi Wrecks in 2013

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in its 2013 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics report, accidents involving taxi cabs were responsible for five deaths and 1,109 injuries over the course of the year. The statistics also gave some insight into the situations that contributed to these injuries and deaths, including the following numbers:

  • Three pedestrians were killed, and 191 were injured in accidents with taxis.
  • One bicyclist was killed in a taxi accident, while 114 were injured.
  • Rear-ending accidents accounted for 362 injuries in taxi cabs.
  • Head-on wrecks accounted for just 15 injuries.
  • Side-swipe accidents, whether going in the same or opposite direction, accounted for 74 injuries and one death.
  • Accidents that happened while a vehicle was turning caused 136 injuries.

Unfortunately, these statistics only cover one year in Illinois, and each year hundreds more people are hurt or killed by taxis. While taxi accidents may not make up a majority of the serious accidents that happen in Illinois, the numbers are still concerning for the public—and injured victims still have potential rights to hold drivers, taxi companies, and transportation organizations responsible for what happened.

Have You Been Hurt in a Taxi Accident in Chicago or the Surrounding Areas?

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